Saturday, January 7, 2012

Remembering September 11

It is the 10th year since September 11 and so many lives lost to the attacks. As a memorandum, we as Turkish community wanted to pay our respect to our community. In this aim, we organized a fundraising whose profit was given to firefighters and police department of NC.
I made a cake to honor visiting firefighters and the policemen at Divan Cultural Center.
My heart is with the families who lost their loved ones during September 11 attack.



seymakilinc said...

ne ince dusunulmus bir kutlama... Pasta da oyle. Baris hepimizin ihtiyaci.

cileklipasta said...

Sagol Seyma'cim. Uzun zamandir pasta yapmadim. Yaklasik 3 ay olcak. Bir an once bu granti bitirip, bir pasta yapmam lazim, ACILLLL...